Steel handpan, sounds from nature. An instrument for meditation and self healing.

Zvongo will start your journey of awakening your natural musical talent.
Zvongo allows you to reach harmonious and calm states of mind, while making delightful rhythms.

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Introduction Guide to Zvongo Handpans

Music has always been a very important part of the human experience, and throughout history it has been a reason for people to unite and celebrate their kinship. Various musical instruments are incorporated in rites, rituals and festivals, and play a vital role in one’s life as music and song can heal and teach harmony and the art of playing in unison with others. The handpan among numerous other instruments is recognizable for it’s suitability for meditation and self-healing practices.

What is a Handpan?

The handpan is a handcrafted steel drum. No previous experience is required in playing a handpan as it is based on experimentation and discovering one’s own unique technique. The drum is hollow inside which enables a spacious and abundant sound. Handpans are great for travelling due to it’s convenient size, 12 inches (30cm) wide.

History of the Handpan

The handpan has a unique musical heritage. It originated in Bern Switzerland in the early 2000’s. Felix Rohner and Sabina Schårer are the founders of PANArt® and the instrument called the Hang. The word “hang” means “hand” in Bernese German since it is traditionally played by hand. The handpan belongs to the idiophone class. During the years of PANArt’s Hang production, the demand and interest surrounding the instrument rapidly increased while it was difficult to get one of your own, because of their limited production. PANArt drew a close to Hang manufacturing in 2014. Since then similar instruments like the handpan and other steel drums, started to appear more and more in the musical market as they are similar in nature yet distinct from the Hang in structure and methods of tuning.

Zvongo Handpans – Unique Instrument

The Zvongo Handpan produces a similar sound to a xylophone. For someone with musical education it’ll be easy to adjust to this instrument and find the appropriate notes. It is also certainly possible to combine the handpan with other musical instruments and play in a group.

How is it played?

The Zvongo Handpan is hardened and made from high-quality steel. It is hollow inside, and due to the different dented areas throughout the outer surface, you can create sound by hitting different spots on the instrument’s outer shell. There are eight differently toned areas. Handpans can be played by anyone. To play the drums you can use your hands or specifically crafted sticks that are shipped with the drums.

Easy to Learn

To play the Zvongo Handpan no previous experience or practice is needed. The more you play, the more you get a sense of the placement of various tone fields. Improvization is ideal with this instrument.