Steel hang drum, cosmic sound from nature. Instrument for self meditation, healing.

Zvongo will start your amazing musical journey and you can even make beautiful rhytms without much learning.
Zvongo sounds allows you to create soul expression, meditation feelings that helps you feel good everyday.

Zvongo – Revolution of Meditation & Music Creation

Introduction Guide to Zvongo Hang Drums

Music has always played a very important role in the human history as music has been long used by many to express their feelings in a soulful manner. Even early civilizations had used many kinds of music instruments to entertain themselves during various rituals. Even though there are several music instruments out there in the market, if you could single out an instrument that is very interesting, unique and that is very new to the music lovers is the hang drum.

What is a Hang Drum?

The Hang drum is a completely handcrafted cosmic steel drum that produces relaxing sounds and you don’t need a lot of practice to get the hang of this instrument. The name “Hang” is derived from the meaning hand from the German language. It is totally hollow inside that enables it to produce those chilling and relaxing sounds. The hang drums instrument is very handy and you can carry it wherever you go.

History of Hang Drums

Hang drums were first created in 2000 and were not called as hang drums, but were just called as a “Hang”. Since it belongs to the idiophone class, it is also called by many as a “hand pan” or a “steel drum”. But it was only officially launched in 2001 by PanArt. Even though PanArt discontinued production of the hang drums, many were greatly attracted to the instruments that many companies started producing the instruments and still being widely used by many music lovers.

Zvongo Hang Drums- Unique Instrument

The Zvongo hang drums instrument is really a unique music instrument as it not only looks unusual for an instrument, but the sound coming out this instrument is really kind of different and a sound that you would normally wouldn’t have heard of. You could say that it produces a sound similar to that of a xylophone, but it also allows you to adjust in various ways to produce many different sounds to your liking. If you have some music knowledge about notes and sound levels, then you can easily adjust the notes to produce sound that is soothing to the ears and also will be able to combine with other musical instruments to play as a group.

How it is played?

The Hang drums from Zvongo is made using high-quality nitrated steel. It is completely hollow inside and is the outer is specially designed to produce different notes with the help of hammered fields throughout the outer surface. There are around 9 tone fields that can be found in the top shell of the instrument along with the center note. And you have only a single tuned port in the center of the bottom shell. To play the drums you need a crafted sticks that are shipped with the drums.

The hang drum can produce various sounds including:

  • Softer and warmer tones
  • Harp like sounds
  • F and F# tones
  • To produce old tones

Easy to Learn

A Zvongo hang drums instrument is completely different than other drums and the only thing you need to get hold of the instrument is understand the placement of tone fields and once you get a hang of it, then you are ready to play the Hang drums and don’t need much practice. The more you play the instrument the more you get attached to the instrument. You can also find a lot of tutorials and videos available online that can also assist you to learn this amazing instrument quickly.