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Features of the Zvongo

Each Zvongo is handcrafted and made to create a new musical journey.

You can play the handpan with your hands or with sticks which are made especially for the instrument. You will receive the drumsticks in the package.

Zvongo allows you to relax by playing calming cosmic sounds and musical rhythms almost without previous experience.

Zvongo instrument is very easy to play, hence you can play it whenever and wherever you are. 

The instrument is perfect if you are planning to travel alone and wish to create music and it’s possible to make a cosmic atmosphere for yourself and others.







The Unique Sound

Not only does the Zvongo look unusual, you will like the sound that it produces. It produces the kind of sounds you would get from a xylophone, but you can make adjustments to the instrument so that you can alter the sounds and add to the different array you have available to you. It is truly astounding.

Hand Crafted

Each Zvongo is unique, handcrafted and can be useful for the features that it has for meditation. First of all the sound of the device can be varied according to the way you want it to play. If you have good knowledge of sound(levels, notes), you can easily produce a sound that will be soothing to your ears and may also help you play good rhythms together with others.
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